In Antarctica, found an even number of incomprehensibleidentical objects

Conspiryologists, leading the YouTube channel “Conspiracy Depot”, did
another incredible discovery viewing satellite images
Antarctica through the popular map service
�Google Earth. The news quickly became a hot sensation on
sites dedicated to the paranormal.

Amazingly, among the icy deserts of the south polar continent
An even row of 22 mysterious objects of the same shape was found.
The length of each object is approximately 110 meters, width – 10
meters. The coordinates of the find, experts emphasize, are as follows:
75 ° 0’46.98 “S 0 ° 4’52.71” E

According to the words of virtual archaeologists, they still cannot
believe your eyes. Researchers haven’t the slightest
representations of what are these perfectly even elevations in
snows. Obviously, nature is not capable of creating such
geometrically measured and mathematically exact forms

As you might guess, ordinary users of the World
Cobwebs found many theories. Some commentators believe that
Antarctica hidden alien base. For others, the secret base
does not belong to aliens, but to the Third Reich. And some
researchers are confident that it was once built here by representatives
ancient highly developed civilization.

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