In Arizona, raging “dust devil”

A few days ago in the US city of Tempe Arizona
a large sand whirl, also known as a “dusty”

Fiercely rotating funnel formed right next to the busy
roads and was soon captured on video by a local resident brad
Anderson from his car window. Turning on the one below
record, you can contemplate this amazing natural phenomenon
with my own eyes.

�The “dust devil” is a whirlwind that forms
surface of the earth in hot and cloudy weather. Earth is strongly
heated under the rays of the sun, colder air strikes the
her, climbing up in the form of a spinning hot funnel. Such
whirlwinds usually reach 10–20 meters in height and 1–5 meters in
diameter. Air flow lifts sand, dust, garbage, stones from the ground.
and often carries them hundreds of meters. Particularly large “dust
Devils “can be destructive, but most often these tornadoes
do not harm anyone, if you do not come close to them closely.

It is noteworthy that this phenomenon is also observed on Mars,
however, there are sand eddies 50 times wide and 10 times high
more compared to the “coolest” of the earth. Twice such
the funnels even rendered a NASA service. �”Dust Devils” cleaned the sand
from the solar panels of the Opportunity and Spirit spirit rovers, due to
the amount of electricity generated by the rovers has increased, and
machines were able to perform on the red planet much larger
volumes of work than expected.

Despite the sinister name, nothing supernatural in
�There are no “dust devils”; science easily explains this atmospheric
phenomenon. However, a year ago we wrote about the Australian
the photographer Pete James Ingema who during his travels
to america made in the mojave desert of utah quite mysterious
snapshot of a huge sand vortex. In the tornado seemed human
face resembling the ancient Egyptian pharaoh in nemes. So not all
in this world is so simple, but with names and names – and it’s absolutely necessary
be very careful and attentive because
stand much more than just sound …

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