In Arizona, they caught a colossaltadpole

American Irin McGee, who studies amphibians,
discovered abnormally large in one of the ponds of Arizona
tadpole. The researcher was struck by such a find
since the amphibian larva hardly fits in two palms.

Our heroine suggests that we can talk about the biggest
tadpole on the planet, but the specialist cannot explain it
nature Is this some kind of mutant or a larva unknown to science
an animal?

A huge tadpole, named Goliath, was placed by Irin in
25-liter aquarium. Photos and videos with the image
giant quickly spread over the world wide web. Some colleagues
McGee suggests that this is a tadpole who could not
for any reasons (for example, due to hormonal imbalance)
turn into a frog and continued to grow as a larva. Irin
feeds Goliath with algae and actively watches his behavior.
I wonder what will come of it? Is another mysterious
a creature unknown to science? ..

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