In Australia, found a mysterious spiral onearth

American ufologists and virtual archaeologists leading popular
YouTube channel “UFOmania”, made another striking

Researchers viewed satellite photographs of wild
Australian deserts and suddenly noticed dozens in one of them
спиралей не earth, диаметр каждой из которых равен приблизительно
23 meters.

Obviously, such mysterious drawings could not be created
by nature itself. Experts have carefully studied the mysterious aerial photographs.
and concluded that these geoglyphs appeared here for many centuries or
even millennia ago. However, who is the author so much
amazing arts? Perhaps representatives of the ancient human
civilization? Or someone not at all from our world?

The spiral, along with the circle, is one of the most ancient drawings,
used by people, including in spiritual practices. Spiral
considered a symbol of growth and evolution. If the circle means closed
cycle, the spiral symbolizes continuous development.

As you might guess, many Web users have suggested
as if these ornaments were once created by aliens.

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