In Australia, mysteriously diemillions of kangaroos

Australian zoologists and conservationists are beating
anxiety. Massive deaths occur in New South Wales
big red and giant kangaroos. Millions of these marsupials
mammals died mysteriously in the outgoing year, and with
each month their population is drastically reduced.
Experts say that the cause is probably mysterious
epidemic. Unknown disease causes blindness in animals
difficulty moving and internal hemorrhage.

Local veterinarian Greg Curran says:

On the lawn near my house grazed every day
kangaroo family, but now they are all dead. All the fault of the new
a disease, not a genetic disorder. But we have not found yet
bacteria, no viruses, no parasites that could cause
disease. Mass poisoning with poisonous plants? But this too
can not be. Hunger or malnutrition is again impossible. we
eliminated all known causes of disease and now just do not know
what to do next. At the end of last year, the general population of red and
the giant kangaroo in New South Wales was 17.4 million
individuals, and now it barely reaches 10 million. Straight mystic
some kind of …

Mystical, perhaps there is nothing in it, but what is in the world
epidemics began to appear, the causes of which are even impossible
reveal, alarming. If something happens to a person, you can
will talk about the impotence of our medicine against Mother Nature,
which is able to destroy us without any atomic bomb. Is it really
is this another warning to humanity on its part? ..

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