In Australia, talking about their own spaceagency

This was expressed recently by the country’s Minister of Education Simon
Birmingham. According to his statement, sounded more
International Astronautical Congress, which was held in
Adelaide, Australia will soon acquire its own aerospace

Such an agency, the Minister stressed, will implement and
supervise exclusively peaceful missions
space, as well as to solve various issues on the implementation of
space industry’s most advanced technology.

Simon Birmingham also expressed the hope that the new department
Australia will work closely with the world’s space
agencies such as Roscosmos, NASA and EKA.

By the way, we say that the International Astronautical Congress
is an annual forum that international
Astronautical Federation. In this event, as a rule,
thousands of specialists are involved: astronomers and astronauts,
scientists of various fields and businessmen, inventors,
journalists and other interested parties.

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