In Austria (not Australia) catch mysteriouscryptide kangaroo

There is a joke about the mythical kangaroo in Austria. They say only
the most uneducated person may confuse Central European
a country with a state in the southern hemisphere occupying a whole continent,
and to believe that marsupial mammals are found in Austria. However,
if Australia and Austria were confused even by American President George
Bush, then among the commoners of such ignorant should be

However, now this common joke seems to be
ceased to be completely cut off from reality. The fact is that
in the north of Austria are currently looking for the most real kangaroo,
who has been repeatedly noticed here in recent days. Turning on
the video below, obtained by one of the local
residents, you will be able to see this amazing animal jumping around
nature of a European country, with my own eyes.

As it is known, cryptids are called not only legendary creatures.
like Bigfoot or Nessie, but also beasts, suddenly noticed for
many thousands of kilometers from their natural habitat. Exactly
to such cryptids have already attributed the mysterious Austrian kangaroo.
It is reported that a strange animal occurs in the fields and forests
near the city of Kirchshlag, striking their appearance
numerous eyewitnesses.

According to law enforcement officers, they phoned all zoos and
zoos of Austria, but were surprised to learn that kangaroos are not from
neither ran nor disappeared. Then the police hypothesized that
someone once illegally brought the beast into the country for personal
content. It’s not so difficult to do this because the young
These marsupial animals are tiny in size and may well be
secretly carried through the airport. But from whom and how in this case
kangaroo escaped? And why no one declared such a valuable loss in
the police?

However, криптозоологи и сторонники сверхъестественных теорий
have their own thoughts about what is happening. One of them
sure that the kangaroo somehow inexplicably got to
Of Europe. For others, he was teleported here (say, through
accidental mole hole) or brought by aliens. If you believe
third, the animal appeared here from a parallel dimension.
Finally, the fourth are convinced that there was a failure in the so-called
�”The Matrix”, where we all live.

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