In Bali, the mass of dead birds falls fromthe sky

Residents of Karangasem County of Bali Indonesia observe
странное явление: тысячи мертвых птиц падают с the sky на землю,
covering it with a creepy carpet.

While officials are confused and cannot explain
scared population causes of what is happening, scientists in Indonesia
trying to understand what happened. Most likely, they say, birds
poisoned gas (high sulfur and
carbon dioxide), which escapes into the atmosphere with volcanic
emissions. In any case, this is due to seismic activity.
Agung mountains.

Officials from PUPR try to explain strange poultry by strong
rains occurring in the eastern part of the island and thus
calm the population. However, dozens of evacuations are proceeding simultaneously.
thousands of citizens living around the mountain Agung, because for one
only the last day there are hundreds of small registered
earthquakes, which confirms the fear of seismologists: stratovolcano
Gunung Agung Bali, so beloved by tourists (see
video) may be starting to wake up. And it threatens the people of Bali
serious misfortunes. Today’s rain of dead birds is likely
is the forerunner of impending natural disaster.

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