In Belarus, captured a huge red�”Flying saucer”

A huge UFO, brightly glowing in red, captured on
days in Belarus.

Ufologists report that the video below was
received on February 17 at the highway between Soligorsk and Minsk. Driver
and passengers traveling along the road were quite surprised by the appearance
in the distance of the alleged “flying saucer” and could not find
what happened rational explanation. Are there really the most
are real aliens in their spaceship?

One of the eyewitnesses filmed an unidentified flying object from the window.
car on camera mobile phone. Once in the World
spider web, mysterious video instantly scattered around the sites,
dedicated to ufology and supernatural phenomena. Skeptics
They say that this is just something about the reflection of the flashlight of the smartphone in
car window. They are, however, mistaken. If you look at
mysterious frames more attentively, you will see that the UFO periodically
disappears behind the trees. Thus, the possible “flying saucer”
aliens really moved above the horizon. Confuse it with
commercial or military aircraft is also impossible.

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