In Belarus, faced with the phenomenon of movingstones

Многим известен феномен движущихся stones на дне высохшего озера
Reystrek Playa in the American Death Valley. Large boulders
spontaneously crawling on clay soil, leaving behind
impressive tracks. This phenomenon has become widely known even more
a century ago. However, there is evidence that this anomaly was noticed
and earlier right down to Native Americans, and then the aborigines
believed that these are some “games” of supernatural forces.

This movement is extremely slow, with the lake
имеет огромные размеры, stones здесь невероятно много, и каждый из
they are not always moving, therefore, fix their “tread”
by eye is simply impossible. Many scientists assume that everything
the wind is to blame, as well as the water that freezes on the clumps
nights and melts with the onset of the day. However, prove it
experimentally failed to none of them.

Few people know that a similar phenomenon can be found in
Belarus, namely in the Orsha district of the Vitebsk region. For example,
on the left bank of the Adrov River near the village of Zaitsevo lies
large stone, constantly moving by itself. Over the boulder
a long track extends, and in front of it there is a roller of crumpled
ground. Этот и несколько других движущихся stones были обнаружены
here in may 2016. The length of each block is on average 40

Surprisingly, no one noticed this anomaly before.
Perhaps the Belarusians, accidentally stumbled upon these amazing
stones, did not attach any importance to their tracks on
soil. Say, children play, or land surveyors move stones … However
one of the locals suspected something and started observing
lumps. Soon he determined that they moved on the ground without
any help. Last summer on the bank of Adrov it was discovered
еще несколько движущихся stones. State the exact cause of them
no one is able to move. But the stones are clearly “alive”, and this
gives rise to various theories that researchers are concerned about now
of all stripes, and even locals …

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