In Boeing hit lightning bolt or was it somethingother?

Something unusual happened this week at Amsterdam Airport:
Boeing Airbus taking off suddenly hit the center of the strongest discharge
lightning, why it might even seem that the plane certainly
will suffer from such a powerful blow to the heavenly elements. However, Boeing
as if nothing had happened, he continued his flight …

Even this amazing luck (journalists reported a little later
that none of the passengers or crew members of Boeing were hurt by
lightning strike) is remarkable in itself, and this is despite
official experts’ assurances that lightning strikes passenger
airplanes are quite common – and there is absolutely nothing in it

First, as it turned out, not so often, and any lightning
Airbus can disable and all this is deplorable then will turn
for its passengers. Secondly, the discharge of such power, argue
conspiracy, the plane would hardly have survived, and this alone is strange.
Therefore, a natural question arises – was it lightning?

In the videos below, independent experts show
that just before Boeing took off near him at tremendous speed
start to fly some kind of disc-shaped objects, obviously unearthly
origin, because they are not similar to drones, but with their birds
difficult to confuse – too great speeds and no sweeps
wings (explanation for impenetrable skeptics).

What do they do over the airfield, and why exactly at that moment, how
in almost a few seconds in Boeing suddenly strikes an unprecedented
power heavenly discharge? A plane, we note, even if henna – flies itself
calmly further, and no one was hurt, like even not
scared (did not have time to do it).

Two versions of what happened with Boeing

Ufologists are sure that all of these are aliens with their
fantastic aircraft, which were “caught”
video cameras a few seconds before a possible “tragedy.”
This suggests two versions of what happened:

  • aliens somehow foresaw a possible tragedy and
    they protected Boeing from lightning as much as they could, and therefore it only flashed,
    and practically nothing could have done the Airbus;
  • it was not lightning at all, but a manifestation of the moment
    temporal-spatial transition, like the one that described
    Stephen King in his famous fantasy novel The Langoliers
    (“Langolera”). The statement of the journalists that no one was hurt –
    still does not mean anything. No one really knows what the task of
    this pursued aliens, for example, they could replace
    the passenger on his own, put the chips to everyone flying in this plane,
    read from the people or from the “black box” any information they need
    and so on. Finally, just copied the Boeing with its passengers,
    who may have soon sat down somewhere on the starry planet
    Alpha Centauri systems.

In any case, ufologists and conspiracy therapists calm them, externally
nothing terrible has happened, and therefore one can hope that
aliens just saved the passengers from the powerful discharge of heaven
the elements are quite in the style of a more developed bright mind,
whose representatives have long been on humanity and
maybe as much as they can help us. For example, there is evidence that they
more than once they saved us from the start of a nuclear war …

Another thing is to drastically interfere in our lives, in
mostly unfair and terrible, aliens simply can not –
the law of free will, prevalent throughout the universe, not
allows them to do this …

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