In Brazil, found a cow with three horns

The Internet is gaining popularity curious video,
received at the beginning of this month on one of the farms in western

The sensational video depicts a cow with three horns, and an extra
outgrowth is located in her strictly in the middle of the forehead, as if
unicorn An unusual animal walks around the pen with its
relatives and, apparently, feels no worse than they are.

Despite this, some professionals who read the data
frames, suggest that it is a mutation caused by
pollution. Recall that a similar three-horned
cow found in 2016 in Uzbekistan, and then foreign
the researchers concluded that the fault was poor quality
air, water and food consumed by animals in this place.

According to other experts, the third horn could appear in
hoofed for quite natural reasons (science is
unknown), and there is no cause for concern. Just like
the effect requires attention from scientists, perhaps this
will open for people not just something interesting, but also quite
useful …

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