In Brazil, found a landing site UFO withstrange marks

Not far from the Brazilian city of Peruibe in the backyard of one
a strange mark appeared in private houses in the form of crumpled grass
on an area of ​​approximately 2 to 13 meters. Independent
the researchers described it as a landing site

Note that the city authorities for more than a week were not allowed here.
none of the ordinary people, cordoned off a mysterious place, where immediately
flew the military and the people in black. And only on October 19, the cordon
It was removed, and therefore ufologists and other researchers of abnormal
phenomena could appreciate what happened in this rural area

The plot actually showed wilted vegetation,
however, as in the case of the mysterious crop circles, the stems
the plants on it were not broken, but somehow neatly
bent by an unknown force. People just couldn’t do that
independent researchers concluded. The site is very similar to
the landing site of a UFO, which during landing obviously made
circular motions. Possibly, the aliens left the rest.
traces of their stay, but the military retained only that
carry or destroy was simply impossible.

This is what the locals say about it, thus confirming
guess ufologov:

At the dawn of that day in the area, many saw a bright and
mysterious light that is very difficult to confuse with the sun or with
lightning It was something completely unusual. One married couple
even reported that a bright beam of light hit straight from the sky and was directed
just now the proposed UFO landing site is like aliens
�”Groped” the safest site. Moreover, after that
strange light immediately turned off the electricity in the houses. All this and
drew the attention of the authorities to the incident. And so in the area
they often see a UFO, and nobody really cares about it …

Indeed, confirmed by Brazilian ufologists, in this place
near Peruibe, UFO activity is increased compared to other
areas of the country, just the last twenty years here
about eighty occurrences of “flying saucers” were recorded,
and this applies only to the cases documented by ufologists.
In fact, UFOs appear here more often, just people
often do not pay attention to them, and sometimes they are just afraid
talk about what he saw. But the landing of the alien apparatus is
already a serious event …

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