In Brazil, there was an amazing underwaterforest

In the Brazilian district of Recanto-Ecologico-Rio de Prata passed
incredibly intense downpours. Several small rivers emerged from
shores and flooded the popular natural reserve. Crystal
clear water rose several meters above the ground, turning it
place in the real Mecca for divers.

And now among the tropical trees fish float here, and on
depth are visible paths and bridges. Затопленный forest стал подводной
wonderland, and the divers are very upset by the fact that soon
The reserve will return to its former form. However, heavy rains
can be held here in the future. So hope for repetition
miracle is available.

And we offer you to admire this miracle of nature, looking
great video about the “underwater kingdom”, filmed by one of
divers, who are here today a great many.

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