In Burkina Faso live the most peaceful in the worldcrocodiles

In the West African country of Burkina Faso there is the village of Bazule –
just 30 kilometers from the capital of this state, Ouagadougou. This
the village stands on the lake where the most peaceful in the world live
crocodiles. Even the watchmen Bazule do not remember that at least one
the alligator attacked the man and caused him even the slightest harm.

Crocodiles in this village like stray dogs or cats. Residents
villages feed them and even play with them, even though
что crocodiles, как и везде, выглядят довольно свирепыми хищниками.
However, children blithely bathe in the lake, women rinse their underwear, and
men calmly “communicate” with reptiles by mutual consent and
mutual understanding.

Конечно, crocodiles здесь не такие большие и кровожадные, как,
let’s say Nile. This, as the scientists determined, is a separate basement
alligators – Crocodylus suchus, which are also called desert
crocodile or west african. But not to say that
exclusively all and everywhere these reptiles are just as peaceful, almost
homemade. And because no one can understand how the villagers
Basule succeeded in taming these predators, who are believed not to
are amenable to training.

However, in the world there are cases when a person was friends with a crocodile, and
therefore it cannot be said that alligators are all without exception –
aggressors who need to be sure to be afraid and keep from them
away. For example, residents of Bazule consider their crocodiles
sacred animals that came down to the lake along with the rains, and
therefore, as long as they exist, this area is not threatened by drought. Here is
why do they care about alligators, feed them, even
talk with them, in a word, are friends.

And the “ferocious” toothy predators respond to the same people. Difficult
say whether they attract rain to this area as they themselves believe
Africans, however, peacefully treat the villagers without causing
none of them not only harm, but even some inconvenience, rather
on the contrary, for example, playing with a crocodile is so

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