In Canada, a huge UFO was filmed from the windowthe car

In the sky over the province of Quebec Canada again noticed a UFO. In that
once a huge flying machine of unknown origin was removed
из окна the car.

However, it is, as established Canadian researchers extraterrestrial
civilizations have seen other residents of Quebec, but the Internet
hit the movie just motorists who were amazed by what he saw,
but because they tried to remove the UFO on the camera. It’s hard for them
(the quality of shooting wants to be better), but it turned out. True,
everything was done so naturally ineptly that even the most
hardened skeptics, no doubt that this is a real
�”Vidyushka”, not installation.

This is what ufologists say about this:

The video is definitely authentic, without any traces of editing. Not
no matter what, on the video you can see a flying object,
which can be both alien apparatus and some kind
secret drone of earth origin. In any case, it is interesting.
and even mysteriously.

Experts also note that over Canada recently
UFO scattered something – clearly not good. And in that respect
Quebec province is somehow the most attractive for aliens,
who as if studying something or even preparing for something. Oh
for sure, not to the long-awaited and joyful meeting with earthlings, as
noticed one of the users of the World Wide Web …

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