In Canada, captured large snowhuman

Mysterious video received a few days ago in the south
central part of Canada, demonstrates an incomprehensible dark creature
in which many users of the World Wide Web immediately recognize
знаменитого снежного human.

Intriguing shots were filmed in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and
laid out on one of the bigfoot YouTube channels. How often
happens in such cases, the author of the recording and the people who published it,
chose not to name the exact place where the cryptoid appeared.

The material shows a massive massive figure, remotely
похожую на покрытого густой черной шерстью human. Supposed
the yeti is behind the bushes across the street from the operator and periodically
rises on its hind legs.

According to some commentators, at certain points
the creature resembles a bear, however when it takes
Upright view, all doubts disappear – this is clearly not a grizzly.
Перед нами тот самый «трафаретный» силуэт снежного human,
received the widest popularity after the publication of the acclaimed
Patterson-Gimlin film, filmed in 1967 in North

There were quite a few web users who thought that it was a question of
the yeti female, and her babies were supposed to be somewhere nearby.
In this case, it remains to rejoice at the observers that
the mysterious primacy did not accept people as a threat to their offspring.
Witnesses say their dogs began to bark frantically when
as a monster, something that had never happened to them before in the forest.

Alas, the quality of the video recorded on a mobile phone turned out
not the highest. However, the mysterious creature is noticeable on
it is quite clear.

Of course, such frames can be interpreted in different ways. Skeptics
for example, they continue to claim that it was just a bear.
Cryptozoologists also tend to believe that an anonymous Canadian is still
managed to catch the lens of the most genuine relic
hominid, which may well be a little sensation for many
seekers of truth in this direction of knowledge of our world.

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