In Canada, issued a coin dedicated tofamous ufo appearance

May 20, 1967 there was the most famous case of observation
UFO in Canada. Not far from Lake Falcon in Manitoba
there were two fantastic aircraft caught my eye
a local resident Stefan Michalak.

According to an eyewitness, one of the unidentified objects landed
close to him and the Canadian had the courage to get close to
�”Flying saucer”. Unexpectedly alleged alien ship
soared up again. Michalak’s clothing then caught fire, and on his
the body had serious burns.

After more than half a century, the interest of ufologists and simple
curious to this story does not fade away, because she was one of
The first human and alien contacts in Canada. Probably exactly
for this reason the Royal Canadian Mint has issued
recently commemorative coin of 20 Canadian dollars,
dedicated to the mysterious incident on Lake Falcon.

The coin has an unusual ovoid (like an egg) shape. She is
depicts a frightened Stephen lying on the grass and “flying
saucer ”over it. The most curious thing is that the currency note is transformed
in the dark: the “plate” starts to glow, like the beam it emits,
falling on Michalaka.

The author of the product design was the Canadian artist Joel Kimmel.
A total of 4 thousand coins were issued, which, as it is not difficult
guess immediately were bought by coin collectors and collectors.
The sale price of a currency note was $ 99 and 99 cents,
almost a hundred dollars, however the cost of a unique coin is already
today is much higher, and it continues to grow …

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