In Chile, two brothers learned to brew beer … fromfog

Living in the Atacama Desert, in the small town of this
the dry region of Peña Blanca, the Chilean brothers came up with
оригинальный способ варки пива — из fog. It is this
their company Cerverceria Atrapaniebla became famous – drinks from
clean foggy moisture.

The Bristle Catcher Brewery, a family business
It uses natural fluid is not as a marketing ploy.
Пиво из fog также нельзя назвать специальной выдумкой ради
the originality of this drink – just in the Atacama desert, where
live, always has been and still is a problem –
water, and especially pure. But fogs are common in these

And any fog (especially in the desert) gives the purest moisture –
almost perfect, as established by experts, for the production
foamy drink, you only need to be able to collect it. For this
savvy brewers use special nets, which on their
surfaces hold water droplets.

Currently, the company Cerverceria Atrapaniebla, as
reports the Chilean edition of Az Excise, produces up to 24 thousand
liters of beer per year. It could be more because “foggy
foam drink “is in increasing demand, but … not enough
сырья, то есть — fog. Now the brothers mainly release two
the most popular beers are Scottish ale and brown ale.
Уникальное чилийской пиво из fog удостоилось уже нескольких
international awards, and connoisseurs of foam drink note that
this ale has a subtle taste due to
purest moisture – mystically misty …

By the way, we add that the Atacama Desert is different
aridity, there is almost no rain. However life in
этом крае поддерживается fogми, которые приходят с Тихого
the ocean. Moreover, as scientists of the Catholic University found out
Chile, over the past millennia the intensity of fogs in
this desert is growing, so that the brothers brewers from the city
Peña Blanca nothing to fear, perhaps their business over time
will only increase momentum – with increasing intensity
fogs in the Atacama desert …

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