In China, a hotel was built in the middle of the desertcomplex

Put down that in the vast desert of the PRC suddenly shows up
целый complex суперсовременных зданий, неизвестного происхождения
and destination. And the mysterious buildings found virtual
archaeologists using the Google Maps application, located in the
the uninhabited region of the Middle Kingdom – Inner Mongolia.

Кстати, неподдельный интерес к случайно найденному complexу в
the Chinese desert warmed up and the fact that this region of China is not just
deserted, it has long been fanned by the incomprehensible atmosphere created by
mystery, which is why the video about the mysterious buildings of China
quickly gained viral popularity on the Internet.

Began to build all sorts of versions from the very real, though
difficult to explain (military objects), to the most fantastic
(alien constructions, since the spinous buildings are also

And everything turned out to be, in the end, much simpler, although all this and not
devoid of romance. The fact is that all these strange buildings with spikes
в действительности являются гостиничным complexом с
by appropriate name (if it is located in the desert) – “Sandy
lotus”. By the way, some “buoyancy” of buildings (a certain
illusion) created a unique design of the roof.

But why would anyone need a chic, ultra-modern hotel in
the wilderness? Do not tell, it turns out, lovers to relax among
There are plenty of endless sands in the world, and it is among the most
rich people. For this reason, “Sand Lotus” is considered one of
expensive hotels in the world. Lodgers get here not only
peace from the vast sand dunes, their every way
entertained, and the most popular type of outdoor activity here
Camel racing and sand surfing are considered.

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