In China, again filmed the mysteriousdragon in the sky

It should be noted that in the Middle Kingdom they constantly make videos about
flying dragons. Whether there are really a lot of them, or
the country is historically and spiritually connected with these fire-breathing
monsters, why they just can not appear in China – by faith
and our will be given to us …

However, what is interesting is that flying dragons are seen and removed not
only in China, fairly high-quality videos showed
the flight of these mythical creatures, for example, in Romania (the video was even
shown on local television causing a wide resonance in
society), in the US state of Montana, where the winged lizard
captured above the picturesque morning lake, and so on.

Cryptozoologists believe that dragons, like other mythical
creatures appearing in our world from nowhere for example
Yeti, chupacabras, sea and lake monsters, are fully entitled to
Existence. Another thing is that we do not know what it is and how
the way it breaks into our world. Assume that all these monsters
coexist with us is problematic because neither catch nor even
kill them yet fails.

On the one hand, this gives reason for orthodox science to deny
the existence of all these mysterious creatures, and on the other hand, it proves
the presence of parallel worlds, whence only can penetrate into our
reality all these mythical monsters becoming for us
elusive, because they have the ability to easily go back,
even if you shoot them. In this case, only the human eye yes
photo and video camera can capture their presence.

That, most likely, we are seeing in this video
(see below). However, to believe or not to believe in dragons, as in
the reality of this video, everyone’s business. However, as aptly
noticed one of the famous ufologists Scott Waring, for harmonious
development of consciousness is better to believe in what is not, than not to believe in
that which exists. Can this be recalled even more
the profound statement of the Eastern sages: man is neither seen nor
can not even think of anything that would not exist in
really …

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