In China, again saw the silhouette of a ghostlycities

May 6, at about 3 pm, over the sea near the Chinese
cities Циндао (провинция Шаньдун) возник загадочный образ, похожий
on a cluster of tall houses. �”Phantom Metropolis” was visible
to witnesses about 2 hours, then without a trace dissolved in the air.
Hundreds have witnessed such an unusual and even frightening picture.
locals. Naturally, many of them captured
the alleged mirage in the photo and video.

Подобные «эфемерные cities» замечают в Китае сравнительно часто.
According to experts, the fault here is the local smog, the particles of which
bend the sun’s rays. Distorted under certain conditions
the light is capable of carrying several distances
kilometers the outlines of various large objects up to the whole
residential areas. In China, where the environmental situation today is very
sadly, this can happen quite often.

But this, however, is only one of the theories. Someone thinks that
in fact, it is the fault of the portal to a parallel world or clash
two realities. According to other web users, it’s about
an invisible futuristic city that accidentally dropped
camouflage. Finally, there are people who claim that before
Our chronomyrage is a mysterious phenomenon of a supernatural nature,
allowing to observe images and events from the past or
of the future.

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