In China, for the first time launched into space privaterocket

Private Beijing company OneSpace Technology, which is no longer
The first year is developing the OS-XO space rocket (another name
her – Chongqing Liangjiang Star) finally launched into orbit
Earth is its offspring. This event can be called without exaggeration.
a small sensation and a big victory for the Middle Kingdom, because
OS-XO was the first private space rocket launched in

Chongqing Liangjiang Star was launched from the spaceport,
located in the northwest of the PRC. According to representatives
company OneSpace Technology, the launch was successful, as they say,
без сучка и задоринки, rocket уже вскоре достигла заданной высоты в
273 kilometers.

The OS-XO rocket, which is about 9 meters long,
capable of raising to the Earth orbit (up to 800 kilometers) about 100
kilograms of payload. This year the company is no longer
plans to launch such space rockets, however already in the next
In 2019 they will be launched into space at least ten. Can
to say that a new era in space exploration begins in China …

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