In China, found the lowest mountain on the planet

China is considered a country of many curious records. So in
city ​​district Shouguang in the east of the country recently found so
called the mountain, which is possibly the lowest in the world.

At first glance, we are talking about an ordinary stone with a height of 0.6 meters and
1.24 meters wide, but the local residents insist that
This is a real mountain, and it is called Jing. Climb this mountain
You can just one step.

About her, they say, has been known for several centuries, but the Western
Journalists have just learned about such a geographical miracle. We are in
they decided to share this unusual news with
Russian-speaking users of the World Wide Web.

This mountain goes at least 48 meters under the ground, or even
more, so on the surface of the Earth we see only its top.
They say that in the old days many tried to get to the bottom of her
grounds, however, to no avail. Local legend says that Jing
was supposed to be a big and beautiful hill, but some
a stupid woman spared a little need on her, and an offended mountain
ceased to grow upwards, going deep into the earth.

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