In China, found the oldest stone toolsable to “rewrite” the history of mankind

Official science adheres to the theory that humanity
was born on the African continent, and only then gradually
settled throughout the Earth. However, archaeological finds are increasingly
and more often refute this view of the history of modern

Even if you do not take into account the indisputable facts that on the planet
before our there were several more civilizations, anyway
the ancestral home of humanity, Africa can be called a stretch –
almost artificially, as Orthodox scholars do.

Chinese archaeologists, as reported by Live Science, do not
so given found another confirmation that the Black Continent is not
can be considered the ancestral home of humanity. Antiquities Researchers
discovered stone tools in the territory of the People’s Republic of China in the Loes plateau region
labor, which, at least two million years (or a little

And although at first glance it may seem that this is the most common
stones with natural lines on them, the researchers prove that
in this region of China there have never been conditions that would cause
the appearance of such “cracks” that are practically “built” in
geometrically artificial lines.

It turns out, archeologists draw conclusions, or people have left
The African continent millions of years earlier, or common
The theory of the ancestral home of humanity is fundamentally wrong.

And then just some kind of pebble, very similar to the ancient instrument
labor. Yes, on him, most likely, none of the learned men of higher
rank does not even pay attention, but because today’s find
Chinese archaeologists, as well as hundreds (thousands) of similar discoveries, and
will be left to no one except the most archaeological
the world community, which does not cease to produce material
evidence of a completely different history of mankind. Apparently hoping
that sooner or later, but in our society, something will change to
the best …

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