In China, with American diplomats becamesomething like that was happening in Cuba

Recall that a few months ago, in Cuba occurred
a strange story with american and canadian diplomats who
suddenly began to suffer a mysterious headache with symptoms
severe concussion without visible damage to it. AT
The United States immediately recalled its diplomatic
representatives and accused the Cuban authorities of using unknown
sound weapons.

And now something similar is observed in China. And although from
the mysterious brain disease has so far affected only one American
diplomat, the US embassy in the Middle Kingdom is already taking serious
measures to counter such an “attack”. For example, all employees
this institution is required to be extremely cautious and in the case of
even the slightest indisposition is to consult a doctor, and in case of
the slightest suspicion of a sound attack – to specialists
the embassies.

Recall that China and the United States are currently in
tense economic relations that are about to happen
turn into a real trade war. For this reason, the Americans
there is a reason, and even a reason to accuse the PRC authorities of “diplomatic
dishonesty “, as they did with Cuba, right after
The incident expelled Cuban diplomats from their own country.

So far, only one diplomatic employee of the American Embassy
in the Middle Kingdom complained of a “strange auditory disease”, however
the fact that she was immediately linked to the Cuban incident,
unambiguously hints to the Chinese leadership about possible more
tough measures to China by the United States, if “this continues.”

Under the expression “this will continue,” journalists write
one can understand the very mysterious (almost fantastic) sound
weapons, and the disobedience of the Chinese authorities to make concessions to the United
States in the field of trade. It’s like a bell for China’s leadership
they say, look, and then tomorrow the entire US diplomatic corps
Celestial suddenly feel unwell, and then from
The United States can be expected not only trading, but also
diplomatic war of sanctions, which they staged, for example,
Russia …

China has not responded to this incident, especially
official claims to the Foreign Ministry of the country by the US Embassy have not yet
have been reported. We are waiting for the development of events …

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