In Egypt, dug another Sphinx

Ancient Egypt gave our civilization many sphinxes,
although most people know only about one that today stands with
a broken nose on the west bank of the Nile at Giza, – about the Big

However, archaeologists constantly find sphinxes all over the planet, in
including they are still in Egypt. Another such
The Sphynx, recently discovered in Luxor, was found.

According to the publisher Youm7, this artifact was found
quite by accident, due to the fact that on the Aleja between the sphinxes
Luxor and Canary temple began to build a new road: during
This building was just excavated a statue that
resembles a classic sphinx with a man’s head and body

Note that so far the artifact is not extracted to the surface.
land, as archaeologists, as clarified by Mohammed Abdel Aziz –
Head of the Department of Antiquities of the province of Egypt
fear that the ancient statue will collapse as a result of the sharp
changes in its environment.

Recall that sphinxes are called sculptures with the body of a lion and
head of a person, bird or ram. The tradition of creating such
sculptures went from ancient Egypt, but later picked her up and
Ancient greece and the ancient roman empire where they come from
spread around the world (there are also sphinxes in Russia –
watch the video). Some independent researchers believe that
at the dawn of our civilization there could well be such
mythical animals, perhaps even possessing a supramental and
influenced the development of mankind. It is not clear just
where did they come from on earth and where did they go, leaving behind
only a memory sealed in stone …

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