In England, a new circle on the field

In the English city of World County Wiltshire this week have done
A new find relating to the mysterious crop circles.

The following video was taken by a camera drone,
demonstrates a fanatic circle that appeared overnight on the field
one of the local farmers. Symmetrical pattern on crops
illustrates a perfectly even circle with a six-pointed snowflake
inside and four smaller circles around the edges. What does it mean
image, no one can say (solve).

Although the find is far from being such
impressive, like many other marginal drawings, this is the first
a similar work of art officially recorded for
last months. Worldwide ufologists, no doubt, tend to believe
that representatives of extraterrestrial civilization are involved. Skeptics
claim that it is a mystification, and the authors of such
the artwork for sure are the owners of the fields themselves, who need
attracting attention from the general public. Although
in fact, farmers literally suffer from such
�”Alien circles” because they suffer a certain loss from
yield loss. In addition, they are forced to bear all the burdens of
because of the numerous journalists, researchers, tourists and just
onlookers who come to look at these pictures.

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