In England, an antique center openedsupernatural things

In the English city of Hinkley, Leicestershire, the first in
United Kingdom Antique Center where the damned are kept
things and objects with supernatural properties.

Here you can find:

  • a doll that spontaneously turns its head;
  • old wheelchair sucks life out of people
  • pocket watch, the second hand of which starts to go back,
    if their owner is in danger;
  • mystical mirror in which you can see your evil or
    the good twin and many other sinister artifacts.

In addition, the institution itself is located in a building where, as
It is believed that ghosts are found.

The author of the project is a local paranormal researcher.
appearances Neil Parker, who gathered over his long career
the researcher of everything that defies logical explanation,
many unique items endowed with mystical properties.
Note, Parker is considered one of the veterans of the British hunting

The main objectives of the unusual project are search, safe
storage and study of anomalous and sometimes deadly
artifacts. In addition, anyone can visit this place and
look at the wonders with my own eyes. But hands – do not touch!
However, and purchase in this amazing antique center you
unlikely to succeed …

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