In England, the “real Santa Claus” appeared

Residents of English Walsall in West Midlands
both puzzled and intrigued by the appearance of the mysterious here
individual who handed out to random families on catholic christmas
thousands of pounds sterling. On Christmas night, the unknown, already
nicknamed “the real Santa Claus”, walked around the city and
left dozens of envelopes in the mailboxes of his countrymen
in money. Each of them had the inscription: “Jesus loves you.”

26-year-old housewife Kirstie Tupper told reporters that
heard at midnight, as someone slammed the door of her mailbox,
and went outside. The woman’s neighbor also stood on the street and checked
correspondence. In the box of each of them was an envelope with 100
pounds sterling (about 7600 rubles). Needless to say that
The British were pleasantly surprised by such a find. Kirsty admits that
this year she did not have a special holiday mood, however
after discovering this nice present left by the mysterious
a well-wisher, she suddenly felt the spirit of Christmas.

And the thing here, according to the Englishwoman, is far from money, but in
that the true meaning of Christmas is love and kindness
disinterested good deeds. Received from the “real Santa Claus”
pounds Tupper has already transferred to a charitable foundation. So did
many of her neighbors who received such amazing gifts in
Christmas night. Now the inhabitants of Walsall intend to hunt down
kind donor to express his universal gratitude to him.
�”Santa Claus”, however, well covered its tracks and did not leave countrymen
special clues. Apparently, he did not chase fame and wished
remain anonymous.

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