In Finland, began to practice paiddaytime sleep

Innovation in labor is widely discussed on the Internet.
Finnish law, according to which employees are now
it is allowed to sleep at work without hiding from anyone, let alone
without fear that for this they will certainly be fined.

Как показывают многочисленные исследования медиков, daytime sleep
within half an hour using relaxation experience (quickly fall asleep
– sleep exactly as long as necessary for a vigorous awakening)
allows a person to relieve stress and regain the morning
mental and physical performance. Of course, this is not
It is only beneficial for the health of the worker himself, but also beneficial for
firms because after a short nap
start their duties with new powers and can more
quickly and successfully solve their tasks.

While this experience is practiced only by some companies in
Helsinki, which not only pay for such a small daily
sleep, but also incur the costs of training relaxation staff
and so on (they hire trainers for this and pay for classes).
By the way, in Finland they start practicing and schooling children
full short sleep, so that in the future
employees of firms, companies and enterprises will no longer need to be trained

By the way, we note that it used to be (and now it’s considered
most countries of the world) that sleep while working is a sign of laziness
man, his disinterest in the results of their work.
However, in reality, as scientists have repeatedly proven
short day rest contributes to a surge of new strength,
and the few minutes spent on it pay off in the present
an explosion in productivity and unprecedented performance
any efforts of such employees.

However, in this case, experts emphasize, you need to have in
that each person needs a certain number of minutes,
to get the most out of it and at the same time get up vigorous and
workable. Peresyp in this case leads to the fact that the person
wakes up after a day rest completely overwhelmed and no longer
capable of any work, especially mental. That’s why
Helsinki business firms do not spare money
на daytime sleep своих сотрудников, но и на обучение их правильному
rest …

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