In Florida, people suffer fromtiger pythons bred in the marshes

Rather, to say, residents of one of the states of the United States – Florida
really more and more pestering people bred in the marshes
tiger pythons. From year to year they are moving closer to cities
and the villages, disturbing the peaceful life of the people.

The greatest invasion of these huge and dangerous snakes is observed
today in southwest florida while the west coast
the state is already completely captured by dark pythons.

Here is what Florida Florida resident Sarah says.

The worst thing is that huge pythons appear more often in those
places where no one has ever seen them, and therefore in the district it becomes
scary to live. For example, for now I’m only afraid for my dog, and mine
familiar who often publish photos and videos about these
huge snakes for several years now, they are said to be dangerous not
only for animals, but also for people. And this danger is increasingly
is increasing …

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