In Georgia, expired eggs are thrown into the landfill -and here hundreds of chicks hatched

There are no miracles in life. Sometimes they border on
something unexplored, mystical and inexplicable, and sometimes ridiculously
are simple – and, nevertheless, we perceive it as present

Such a funny miracle happened at the Georgian dump
Marneuli, which is located in the eastern part of the country.
The local poultry farm threw expired chicken eggs here – and
that’s what came out of it (watch the video).

Hundreds of yellow live clumps – sweetheart chickens
eventually hatched due to this “barbaric action”. AT
present most chickens got to their own
residential areas of the city, where they were picked up by local residents
Sectors – a gift in the form of future chickens and cockerels, and completely
free of charge (a gift of fate).

ATот что по этому поводу говорит мэр города Тимур Абазов:

Eggs were thrown into the landfill due to the fact that they were
spoiled, as far as I know, which means they are already unsuitable for
supply them to the trading network. It is generally recognized throughout the world.
practice. But to hatch out of the eggs thrown to the dump
Chickens are truly a phenomenal event. ATидимо на свалке
were the necessary thermal conditions commensurate with the incubator. AT
Currently, the locals have dismantled all the chickens in their
farms – and rightly so.

At the same time, Georgian journalists are wondering – not
was it more correct instead of being thrown away
expired eggs, send them really to the incubator? ATедь
so food would be saved and saved
human labor invested in the production of these eggs (nature
She took care of this herself, or maybe she hinted at something). AT
after all, was it not wiser to just give such eggs to rural
residents – for the same purpose. Of course, throwing away and writing off is much easier.
But is this an economic approach in general? ..

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