In Germany, mysteriously disappearinsects

In German national parks and reserves disappear en masse
крылатые insects. Over the past 3 decades in Germany disappeared
75-82 percent of flying bugs. Local environmentalists are convinced that
the consequences of the incident will be very serious, and for all
Europe, because, for sure, the same picture in the neighboring

Researchers turn to estimate the number of winged insects
in 60 national parks and reserves in Germany, made in 1989
year, and then calculated how many bugs approximately there live
now. The results of this study unpleasantly struck
specialists. Оказалось, insects массово вымирают здесь, и
the vast majority of them have disappeared forever. At their pace
Soon will not be here at all.

Perhaps the culprit numerous agricultural
land where insecticides are constantly sprayed with the aim of
destroy supposedly harmful bugs and spiders, or the whole thing
modern insect repellent electronics. While scientists are not
can find the reason for this and have not the slightest idea how
counteract such a horrific trend.

Many German environmentalists are convinced that the government of the country
underestimates the scale of this disaster. Population reduction
insects will certainly have irreversible consequences for
всех экосистем, поскольку insects опыляют растения, в том числе
agricultural, and serve as food for many other

It is enough to mention that the other day the research results
a similar plan published and NABU – Union for Environmental Protection
Germany. Environmentalists in shock: the number of bird pairs in Germany for only one
decade declined by 12.7 million, or 15 percent. Not
to associate this with the catastrophic disappearance of insects simply
impossible …

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