In Gus-Crystal found the remains of the terriblecreatures

Residents of the Russian district center Gus-Crystal Vladimirskaya
области обнаружили на днях останки странного creatures. Terrible creature
small size lay on the snow and did not move, therefore
the residents of Gusev dared to approach her and imprint on their cameras
phones. A striking creature doesn’t look like something mutated
a dog with massive muscles, not on a burnt hyena, not on
the legendary chupacabra. Many citizens are inclined to believe that
it was she.

One man who witnessed this tells us that
returned from work and stumbled upon the body of a monster not far from
stops in the area of ​​the Quartz factory of optical glass. Soon
other eyewitnesses gathered near the remains, who began to shoot
find a photo and video. Rumors about the city immediately spread
chupacabra that was hit by a car or that died naturally
by death. No wonder this mythical creature is constantly noticed in
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former Soviet countries
Union. For example, since the beginning of January of this year, she has been caught in the next
district of Murom, where she very seriously frightened residents not
only its robbery in the farmstead Murom, but also terribly stripped
trees that no local predator is capable of (see
a photo).

However, the head of the local club expeditions and hikes Anton
Сбоев посчитал, что это никакой не труп живого creatures, а
masterfully made doll. The specialist remembered a recent curious
the case when the “alien body” was discovered in Gus-Crystal,
turned out to be a green mannequin. May, of course, this
once it comes to a completely different “skill”, more
professional, but Sboev still believes that someone again
I decided to play a trick on impressionable townspeople.

However, residents of the district center did not really believe in this version, because
that scientists reduce everything to some natural, but, in fact, still
more incredible reasons. For example, in the same Murom senior
huntsman, member of the Vladimir Fishing Club Alexey Udelnov
considered that this was the most common ferret, and no
Chupacabra even argued the bleeding of chickens by saying that
the polecat torn off the birds’ heads, and the blood itself flowed (was it nonsense,
attracted by the ears?) However, look again at the photo (above), really
Can a little ferret rip off trees? So with the “stuffed”
Chupacabras in Gus – Crystal is not so simple, but in general
it turns out that the Vladimir region was invaded
chupacabra …

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