In Hungary, recorded a unique naturalthe phenomenon of “white death”

This natural phenomenon is very rare, but it is far from
reason, it seems mystical-anomalous, why even such
terrible name, like “white death”, it just happens
so quickly and horribly that it seems – this just can not

After all, literally in the blink of an eye warm, familiar and so
safe world (see title and subsequent photos) suddenly
turns into some kind of icy disastrous chaos. And scientists are so
plainly they do not know why nature suddenly “turns out” the world
inside out, dropping onto it, like from nowhere, a creepy frosty

It was this “white death” that was recorded the other day in the central
parts of Hungary in the small town of Pilis. Here’s how to characterize
it is the transformation of the world into something terrible witnesses:

It looks like fog as it approached, then no one
drew special attention, says one of the residents of the city, more
some even enthusiastically waited for the fog to enter the city,
turning it into a winter fairy tale. But the tale was too
cruel. The air temperature instantly dropped from plus to
critically minus – I really can’t even say what
marks. But it was something incredible, as if you were from a warm
The rooms were suddenly thrown into the freezer.

If you see the approach of such fog – run and hide in
warm rooms. True, to distinguish it from the usual fog is not so
just a normal person who has never encountered this
adversity Therefore, to predict such a catastrophe is impossible (even
weather forecasters are powerless here), quickly react to it – for
most people are unnatural. Why are there people, even animals
are dying from him, although they have an intuition for the approaching danger
developed much better than ours …

Indeed, when such a fog goes down, the temperature
air drops instantly, causing animals to die and
plants, including humans, if the “white death” catches them
away from the shelter. For example, in Hungary near Pilish, where it is
happened to freeze to death three tourists who were in
tent …

And no one, not even scientists could foresee this deadly
fog, how can not explain its mystical nature and mysterious
instant invasion …

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