In India, a diver saved a swimmer for helpwounded shark

A year ago, we told our site users about
surprising case when a dying thirsty king cobra in
India turned to the people for help, and naturally the villagers
not only gave the snake a drink, but also provided her with veterinary assistance,
most saved the poor animal.

And now a new case of such a plan. It happened completely
near the Cayman Islands. Group of tourist divers
together with a diving instructor enjoyed the beauty of the underwater
of the world, when suddenly a shark came out of them. Naturally experienced
diver brett johnson quickly led the newbies to safety, and
he himself … returned: he thought the behavior of the sea predator was strange,
Especially since the instructor noticed a stick on the shark’s head,
which simply could not have this fish.

So, returning to the “dangerous place”, Brett was surprised
found that the shark, as if waiting for him, immediately sailed to
man, and she clearly asked the diver for help. And the help of this
the predator was really needed because sticking out of her head
a huge kitchen knife.

Johnson realized that in this case you should not be afraid of the shark, he
sank down to her and cautiously with one movement took cold weapons
from the upper torso of a predator. After that, the shark is calm
sailed back home, but at parting, as it seemed to the diver, she
in her own way silently thanked him.

Watch the video shot by one of the tourists of the group.
divers, at your own peril and risk, floated behind the instructor
save the shark …

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