In India, there are mysterious surgeons-killers.of animals

The other day, local farmers found five more sheep, disfigured
in a strange way. Как сообщили 27 ноября местные СМИ, у of animals
carved insides, and with fantastic surgical
accuracy and adaptability: no traces of blood were left and
it is not noticeable that the animals somehow resist this.

Moreover, the same handwriting of the killing of the sheep occurred immediately in
in the three villages of the Niali district, in November only
there are 27, and since the beginning of summer in this region have been killed by unknown
surgeons more than 250 sheep.

Despite the fact that employees of the forest department have established
around farms special cages for catching predators,
for all these months no one has fallen into them. The farmers themselves do not believe in
действенность таких мер, потому что на почерк хищных of animals это
does not look like. Here is what the publisher said the other day
Times of India local herder Nilmani Das:

We are very scared of such a “robbery”, which some attribute
mystical chupacabra, others – aliens. In any case, not from
Moreover, the government cannot protect us from any other
does not pay compensation for dead sheep. This is why farmers
you have to fight this evil yourself, that is, at night
Be on duty in the barn, where resting cattle. But if it’s aliens or
monsters from other worlds that can make ordinary against them
cattleman? ..

Ufologists are sure that here handwriting is clearly visible
aliens who steal cattle all over the world
for some of their experiences, and then return the corpses with traces
surgeries, and so professional that they
puzzling even among professors, surgeons. First of all,
one hundred percent bloodlessness of the operated animal is surprising that
simply impossible with modern technology, secondly, it is not clear
what tools are used by mysterious doctors. And finally
stealing cattle and returning it after surgery
completely unnoticed by people.

Neither the chupacabra nor the secret military, which also sin
Some researchers cannot perform such operations.
Only aliens remain, and this is their homework handwriting.
Ufologists have been observing animals since the 1970s. With
This academic scientists and authorities pretend that nothing
supernatural does not occur and even for decency put
cages, traps against intruders and predators into which,
Naturally, no one comes across …

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