In India, this year will finish building the mostbiggest statues in the world

India plans to complete construction this year
180-meter monument to the greatest fighter for the independence of the country
Vallabhai Patel. The grandiose statue is being built since 2014 in the midst of
artificial lake that stretches near the city of Vardodara state

More specifically, the leader’s sculptural structure
The national movement of India will be 182 meters high, which is 54
meters above the equally magnificent statue of the Buddha of China (province
Henan), not to mention other world high-rise monuments
(see height comparison illustration).

Note that the total height of the new monument with a pedestal will be
even more – about 240 meters. Such a grand design
will require almost 6 thousand tons of steel, 19 thousand tons of iron
rebar, 75 thousand tons of concrete and about 23 thousand tons of bronze

By the summer of last year, the statue had already risen 60 meters. Like
a little over three years, but the management of the contractor Michael
Graves Architecture & Design assures that this year’s monument
will be completed, since at this “construction site of the century” now
employed two and a half thousand workers, and the erection of the monument
carried out almost around the clock.

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