In Israel, another prophecy aboutApocalypse

Terrible events are coming for the Jewish people and the whole world
say the Israeli rabbis.

At the beginning of this month, pilgrims who visited the legendary Wall
Crying in Jerusalem, they witnessed a shocked picture. Of
stones crawled out relatively large snake, scared sitting
near the pigeon.

The followers of Judaism are convinced that while the bird of the world feels
safe in an ancient building, nothing to the Jewish people
not threatened. However, if a pigeon is frightened off, and he flies away from the Temple
mountains, it is worth waiting for big misfortunes. Moreover, in the sacred
Torah’s book says that the serpent on the Wailing Wall is bad in itself.
a sign that may be a precursor of the end of the world. But also this
Not all.

Last month, the Israelis suddenly noticed in the Dead Sea
live fish The return of the living creatures to the Sodom Sea, where life is
principle is impossible, is one of the predictions of the great
the prophet Ezekiel concerning the Apocalypse.

In October of this year, we also wrote that hundreds
Believers in Jerusalem witnessed an appearance on the Temple Mount
mysterious fog. An incomprehensible thick haze appeared on the square
Old Town in very hot and dry weather, which contradicted
the laws of nature. Local rabbis said then that this is quite
an evil sign from above, foreshadowing significant Jews

Наконец, в сентябре в Ofраиле впервые за 2000 лет родился
a red calf, which was also considered to be the sign of the coming Armageddon.
The Torah says that with the birth of a red cow, again, it is worth
expect trouble. As demanded by ancient manuscripts, the calf brought in

Many religious scholars have no doubt that now, with
the appearance on the Wailing Wall of a snake, the chances of the Jewish people and everything
the world to undergo various cataclysms and other disasters
increased significantly.

But some Christian theologians say that
the only important sign of the coming Apocalypse will be
erection on the Temple Mount of the Third Temple of Jerusalem. Then,
they say, the antichrist will appear in our world, who will become a false messiah and
will lead human civilization to collapse.

Considering how negative the impact is
Ofраиль порой оказывает на мировую обстановку, поверить в
the catastrophe approaching through his fault is not so difficult, even if
you do not believe in religion, prophecy and other subtle matter.

Напомним, что Ofраиль подозревается в наличии у него ядерного
self-developed weapons that appeared here in the late 1960s –
early 1970s. According to witnesses of the Israeli program
weapons, nuclear arsenal of the Middle Eastern state
estimated at 150-400 charges. And if the Israelis are not really
They want global catastrophes, they should probably hide their
red button as far as possible and do not incite others to conflicts
nuclear powers.

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