In Israel, found a unique stone mask,which is thousands of years old

In Israel, in the settlement of Pnei Hever (Maale Heve), which is located on
south of the Hebron Highlands, discovered a stone mask from the Neolithic period,
which is over nine thousand years old. It is believed that in the world of such
there are only fifteen masks, and almost all of them are in private

To this can be added that all previously found masks of stone
not historically infected with such precision as this one, because
It is not known by whom and where they were excavated. Some may even
just forged, it happens everywhere in archeology and everywhere,
since there is a huge demand for similar artifacts from
rich people interested in collecting antiquities. Besides
even stone masks in private collections
practically unavailable for a comprehensive study of them.

And so good luck! True, in this case the oldest stone
the mask was discovered not by scientists, but by amateur diggers, but
therefore, she could well have gone to private vaults if
no vigilance of Israeli private detectives from archeology.

Scientists, to the primrose, the archaeologist of Israel Ronit Lupu (Ronit Lupu),
It is believed that this artifact was made during the so-called
Neolithic revolution, interesting in that the development
human society in that period increasingly began to show
various beliefs, and as a consequence of them – religious rites. AND
the mask in this case, along with the skulls, decorated with symbolic
signs, anthropomorphic figures, served as ceremonial

Surprised, says Lupu, the elaborate treatment of the stone mask,
especially its inner surface that just causes
genuine admiration. At the same time, “facial features” are made
flawlessly: strictly symmetrical eyes, small emphasized
nose, well defined cheekbones, even teeth in the mouth area are quite

By the way, note that supposedly in the Hebron Highlands
similar stone masks were found earlier, today scientists have found
лишь подтверждение того, что данный район нынешнего ANDзраиля в то
the distant time may have served as the center for the production of all kinds
ritual items, among which such ones stand out
unique ceremonial things.

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