In Italy, they made a video with pronouncedchemtrails

People see and remove the chemtrails in the photo and video almost on
In spite of this, the whole Earth, scientists continue to persevere
be silent or carry any nonsense about the traces of flying

However, some chemtrails are so blatantly artificial on
blue sky, as if specially scribbling it into an incomprehensible
cell, that to believe in their natural nature
it turns out. It is such a terrible sky filmed the other day
(approximately January 21-22) in Italy.

It is clear that someone is spraying something in the sky, that’s just why
– it remains a mystery that scares people. Because if
sprayed on airplanes, for example, fertilizers over farmland,
then none of this makes a secret. Why does chemtrails remain
Seven Seals? What do they bring to humanity?

It is also surprising that only everyone is silent about it.
governments of the world, as if conspired. Even with the atomic bomb not
there was such secrecy at least about enemy weaponry
talked openly, mumbled, however, about his. And then … Some
mutual responsibility, while people look at the sky and do not understand anything:
maybe the Apocalypse is sneaking up like this? ..

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