In Japan, a private company was rocket launched

According to Japanese media, on the last day of June, early in the morning,
at the test site of Hokkaido, the rocket launched very badly
�”MOMO” № 2, developed by a private company Interstellar
Technologies (see video).

The rocket was a carrier with a length of ten meters and
about half a meter in diameter. Its total weight was 1.15 tons. With
taking off “MOMO” number 2, something went wrong, and because it is already through
a few seconds back to earth, because of what is on the starting
site there was a strong explosion. True, none of the people from him

As Japanese journalists specify, the MOMO No. 2 rocket was supposed to
climb at least 100 kilometers above the Earth.
This space project was funded by donations.
citizens of the land of the rising sun, he collected about 28 million yen
almost a thousand people.

The media also reminded readers that last year the same July 30
private company from the same landfill launched a rocket “MOMO”
Number 1, which a minute later fell into the waters of the Pacific. Present
the launch was even less successful and even deadly for his
organizers …

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