In Japan, they test 7D technology, which inthe future can replace many modern entertainment

Remember your first 3D movie you watched in
movie theaters? Doesn’t it seem true to you
fiction, and therefore exceeded all expectations. But it went wrong
a lot of time, as 4D-technology has already replaced this, giving
us a lot of unforgettable impressions and the real development of adrenaline.
And what awaits us ahead?

Even without running far into the unknown future, we can say
that in Japan another novelty is already being tested
entertainment – 7D technology.

Now, say representatives of the company “Magic Leap”, which
presented this unsurpassed invention by anyone, the viewer
can not only see and hear volumetric virtual images, but also
directly contact with them until the tactile sensations
and smell. That is, a person using this technology can walk
in nature, “communicate” with animals, inhale the scent of forests and fields
or sea breezes, and all this – almost without going beyond
rooms where this device is installed.

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