In Krasnoyarsk, tried unique fountains onthe Yenisei River

In Krasnoyarsk, they plan to restore unique fountains that
beat directly from the smooth surface of the Yenisei River near the island Posadny. The other day
city ​​services tried restored old fountain
nozzles (see video), which attracted the attention of city residents,
who immediately began to shoot this amazing already for them

The fact is that the fountains on the river, with which they can boast far
not every city of Russia and even the world, 15 are not functioning here already
years old. And now the authorities of Krasnoyarsk decided to return this former beauty.
the city.

Moreover, says Mayor Sergey Eremin, we will not just restore
unique Yenisei fountains, and add to the five jets another ten and
let’s highlight them. It will be a truly magnificent sight.
especially in the dark. Illumination on the river fountain in
combined with the lighting of the Communal Bridge, which should also
upgrade and play with tens of thousands of colorful lights, I think
will be a colorful addition to the cityscape.

We add that the Yenisei does not freeze even in winter, and therefore the fountains on
it can function even in cold weather, when all others
water jets in Krasnoyarsk freeze.

And the fountains in the city, of all kinds – small, large,
single-jet and multi-jet – just magnificent, very much
more than a hundred pieces.

And although, as independent researchers have identified, over the past
the years have ceased to exist at least fifteen fountains
today city services have undertaken to restore this
clearance Krasnoyarsk, which has always been on top and hit
tourists for their beauty, uniqueness and diversity.

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