In Malaysia, they found the missing man, who inthe mountains led away “beautiful stranger”

In the Malaysian state of Sarawak, the search was successfully completed.
Stanley Ho, 22, who has been missing on Singay for a week
around the town of Baw. In a large-scale operation involved more than
300 rescuers with drones and volunteers from among local residents. AT
the moment of detection the man was extremely weakened, however now
condition is estimated as stable.

At the same time the attention of many sites dedicated to paranormal
phenomena attracted one curious detail of what happened.

After Stanley was found exhausted high in the mountains and
taken to the hospital, he told those around him amazing and just
tapping story. According to the Malaysian, he went to
alone on nature and met there a beautiful woman who looked like
on a certain princess from a fairy tale. The stranger warmly greeted
traveler and handed him flowers that are collected in the forest. Thereafter
the beautiful woman unexpectedly offered Ho to go along with her.

Our hero was so enchanted and even bewitched by the beauty
women that followed her without any questions. Stanley
claims that the stranger had significant
reserves of food and water, so they in this campaign did not know anything
needs, and when a man slipped on a stone and hit hard
leg, a beautiful stranger easily treated him with a bruise. None
less, the doctors concluded that in fact ho all this time
ate nothing and drank a little, and his damaged right leg did not
subjected to any kind of medical treatment or care.

The man says that their journey went on many
days, then the beauty at a certain moment suddenly smiled predatory,
and her eyes flashed with some inhuman light. AT тот же миг
the woman literally disappeared into the air, leaving our hero
alone deep in the forest. What happened after that, Malaysian
practically does not remember. When rescuers bumped into him, young
the traveler was so exhausted that he could not even

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