In Maryland, twice photographed�”Minotaur”

It is alleged that the photos below were taken in
the beginning of last fall, a resident of the US state of Maryland. The man
named Ryan Scheig went hiking in the woods and unexpectedly
stumbled there … on a monster from ancient Greek mythology. At least
least, so the witness himself assumes. On a couple of pictures taken
our hero is clearly visible being with a humanoid body and
head of a bull. Was it really legendary?

According to Ryan, an amazing monster stood only 25-30
meters from it. Our hero extremely carefully pulled out of his pocket
mobile phone and twice captured the mysterious creature on camera,
after which the supposed minotaur, standing before that in all its
tremendous growth, suddenly fell on four limbs and rapidly
ran into the thicket. When the creature stood on its hind legs, its growth clearly
exceeded two meters. Luckily for Sheig, the frightening creation is either not
noticed him or simply ignored the appearance of a person in
their possessions.

American materials are very interested in many users.
World wide web though opinions regarding reality
existence of the alleged monster, and even – the mythical
The Minotaur, nevertheless divided.

Some haunters of the Network thought that we were just a bear,
true, with a cowhide in the teeth. According to others, speech
It is just a photomontage or a man in a suit. If you believe
third, it was a freakish mutant. The rest are talking about
a newcomer from another planet, coming from a parallel world or even
someone’s materialized imagination. In short, theories
abound, but at least one of them is true, we
hardly ever find out. Yeah, mysterious phenomena in this world
abound, which is why he is not as boring and monotonous as his
draw us materialists and skeptics …

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