In Mexico, discovered a cave with uniqueMayan rock paintings

Of course, the drawings on the stone once mysterious way
the ancient Maya people have disappeared before, but in
In this case, archaeologists have found in Mexico (the state of Yutakan)
cave where this rock painting of a mysterious indian tribe
Surprisingly well preserved.

Among the pictures found there are a lot of unique images, and
the area under the art of talented Mayan sculptors is over
75 square meters – truly rich and incomparable

According to the archaeologist Sergio Grosjean Abimeri, who discovered
This cave with valuable drawings, this Mayan painting is unique in its
many parameters, and first of all on significantly larger ones,
quality and varied images in which you can
consider various domestic and everyday scenes, animals, birds,
Warriors, handprints (characteristic of ancient painting)
and many other topics and things.

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