In Mexico, discovered the mysterious smoking craterin the ground

January 17 this year in the north-east of Mexico was made
mysterious find. Not far from the busy highway connecting
the city of Saltillo and Torreon, formed a large smoking crater with
black edges. Its diameter and depth are approximately 8
meters When a video of a burnt hole appeared in the World
the web, Network users immediately began to build various
guesses about the nature of the anomaly.

Some commentators believe that the crater was formed by the fall
a small meteorite. Others are confident that the “flying
plate ”, which was subsequently taken away by aliens along with
a land that they periodically steal for incomprehensible purposes. By
Third opinion, we are talking about testing American
government secret weapon.

Skeptics also suggest that this hole dug some local
drug cartels, of which there are a huge number in Mexico, and
used for burning drugs, money, and maybe even

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