In Mexico, found unique figures “flyingplates and their pilots

Mexico continues to amaze us with its findings.
alien themes. For example, at one time certain
Maya civilization artifacts published
Government of this country – documents proving that our
The planet was visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, which means
we are not alone in the universe. The other day the hunter like
artifacts of Central America, Klaus Don (Klaus Don) presented at
court general public new subjects that can serve
confirmation of numerous theories of ufologists.

New artifacts found by a tireless researcher in one of
Mexico caves show that not only the Mayans but also the Aztecs
for some reason they liked to create various shapes of stone in which
It is easy to learn the classic “flying saucers” and their pilots with
huge eyes. Video about this unique discovery of Klaus Don
Now it is heavily replicated by numerous media, especially since
UFOmania has translated this material into English (see
video below).

According to Klaus Don himself, these figures are at least 7 thousand years old,
although such dating of an independent researcher is very controversial and
not yet proven by any analysis. However, the “stone” UFOs and
aliens confirm not only the existence of intelligent life for
Earth, but the fact that aliens are present on
our planet from antiquity. Moreover, for some reason they
in contact with the Mayan Indians, the Aztecs and other ancient
inhabitants of the Earth (enough to remember the Sumerians), but today is not
go to contact with modern civilization.

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